Concussion: There IS Hope

Headaches. Light and sound sensitivity. Dizziness and confusion. Mood swings, even suicidal tendencies. These are the experiences of many concussion survivors and just some of the many issues Cindy Sue Bezas, M.S. has experienced as a multi-concussion survivor. Her passion now is researching the latest information on concussions and bringing hope to concussion survivors and their families. Why? Because what people don’t know about concussions surprisingly can kill them. In this podcast, Concussion: There IS Hope, you’ll hear the stories of real concussion survivors and their families. You’ll receive interviews of experts sharing real tools to help restore hope and and to speed recovery. Subscribe today and download the Concussion: There IS Hope episodes. Listen and share by leaving a review of what you love. Together we can make a difference, especially in the lives of the youngest concussion survivors.